We deliver the highest quality work to our clients ensured by our best in class manufacturing standards, excellent craftsmanship and stringent quality control without compromising on our social and environmental responsibilities.

Creative Studio

Our team of designers constantly strive to explore new materials and innovate processes that enhance the aesthetic beauty and exclusivity of each of our designs.


Our present day in-house embroidery unit accommodates around 120 expert artisans who work to produce our finest quality garments

We have a team of highly skilled professionals boasting over 15+ years of experience in stitching and fashion industry. Each piece is crafted with immaculate precision and attention to detail.

Stitching Unit

Quality Control

Exceptional service and individual attention to each piece is a part of our brand's essence and of utmost importance to us. The quality is of each item processed is personally inspected by our professional quality control team.

Each outgoing piece is packed keeping in mind any shipment processes and also ensuring no item is damaged in transit.

Archive Room

Our archive room holds all our work through the years. From timeless classic embroidered swatches to those that represent upcoming trends and designs from the industry. Each season a stock of over 500 new swatches are added to our archives, each representing newer designs, patterns, techniques and materials