Fashion is the true reflection of the times we live in, its kaleidoscopic and its ever evolving. For years, we have been crafting high quality designs for our partners that are in the NOW through meticulous understanding and innovation at every level. All along, the essence of age old indian art of hand embroidery lives and breathes in our contemporary designs.

Our History

Nidhi embroideries was born out of a desire to elevate the intricate art form of hand embroidery by infusing our rich Indian heritage with contemporary design aesthetics in today’s ever changing fashion industry.

Founded in the early 2000’s in Mumbai, we have since been pushing the envelope and creating exquisite garments and embroideries for some of the leading pret-a-porter and haute couture brands all over the world.

As we blossomed in our craft of hand embroidery, in 2013, Nidhi Embroideries set foot into garmenting and we now are a proud manufacturing house with end to end garmenting solutions, ensuring the highest levels of finesse

Our Team

We are a family run enterprise that takes pride in our core values of hard work and relationship building. Our team of artisans, designers, merchandisers and support staff work in harmony to achieve the common goal of creating timeless couture and ready to wear classics.
Fueled by innovation and backed by our legacy, we consider everyone at Nidhi Embroideries as an architect of future fashion.

We are a socially compliant company and have been audited by independent agencies on behalf of various clients each year over the past several years. We provide a safe and healthy environment for our workers and our work spaces are well maintained resulting in a productive envionment for staff and workers

Social and environmental consciousness is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. We believe in nurturing ideas and practices that make fashion sustainable. From responsible sourcing of every product, to upcycling and recycling throughout the production cycle, we remain committed to minimizing our footprint on the environment.

Social Responsibility