Gender Neutral: Fashion Forward

It’s 2020, people do not dress safe or cautiously, gender is no longer just black and white and clothes do not have to represent that either. The idea that masculinity or femininity should be stereotypically a certain way now seems outdated and the fashion industry is in the right to understand it. We define fashion as a reflection of our times, and androgynous fashion is the way
forward. Genderless clothing seems like an obvious step and now that it’s here, it is difficult to imagine a world where we apply rules to what the spectrum of gender could or could not wear.

If we dismantle the social constructs of categories and understand that structural differences then we understand that the definition of a garment has always stemmed from the wearer. In the recent fashion weeks across the globe, we saw the fluidity of tailoring, relaxed silhouettes and refined fits. The collections untethered by the societal dictates, built on the notions of evolving
femininity and masculinity. You saw Bella Hadid closing a show in a suit that resembled true androgyny, bare chested male models wearing short suits, striding perfectly between the two gender worlds. Voicing a loud NO to people who say fluidity is men in skirts and women in pant and saying it is about you wearing your mind.

After independent labels enforcing their genderless agenda and renowned brands infusing these new ideas into their gender-aligned summer and winter collections, we seem to think that operationally this approach is the most flexible, economical and is a huge plus if it helps pave a way for free self-expression in the society.
It is also important to note that today’s consumer is an impulsive, social media influenced, non- conformist buyer. Everybody wants to be original and authentic in their style and it doesn’t matter if you define your consumer on a general demographic scale or let it loose. Consumption patterns are changing constantly with how the world evolves, the demand for gender-neutral fashion is on an all-time high and brands are finding their footing in the spectrum by supporting the need for such clothing.

As we mold ourselves to embrace this gender-neutral aesthetic, we understand that this route is not only opening the doors for designers to get creative but also is enabling and respecting the fluidity of our consumers. A spotlighted trend right now, we hope that this genderless future becomes a norm. Yes, we will have retaliation and face critique against the weakened gender norms but with this movement, we will celebrate androgyny and cherish the spectrum. It is a change that will hopefully cross the borders of fashion magazines and ramps and be ingrained in the daily nuances of style.

Blog written by Ananya Sharma Shah for Nidhi Embroideries

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